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Building on from October's Country Congress & Membership Assembly 2019, find out how the Global Coffee Platform can be a launch hub for achieving your sustainability goals

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The GCP Country Platform Acceleration Program is now open!

Increase your company’s recognition and brand reputation by boosting country platform work critical to strengthening the prosperity of coffee farmers.

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Team up with GCP Members

Are we actually working together towards coffee sustainability?

GCP Member Initiatives identify specifics issue in a coffee producing country and multiply the impact of your investment thanks to global collaboration.

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Implement a common language for sustainable coffee

From farmers to retailers, the coffee supply chain produces a huge amount of data that is vital for monitoring progress towards sustainability.

Learn how to integrate it into your supply chain.

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      The Brazilian Country Platform works closely with local cooperatives, private stakeholders and government institutions to make coffee sustainability the top priority in the Brazilian coffee sector.

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      What if your investment in sustainability could become a concrete meaningful action towards sustainability? The Global Coffee Platform has more than 150 Members, eager to work with you for the sake of the whole coffee sector.

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      smarter investments

      Access exclusive information and allow your investment decision to become more meaningful. With nine National Coffee Platforms around the world, there’s no way your investment doesn’t find its way where it matters most.

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      greater impact

      Join key coffee stakeholders and address the most pressing issues in the coffee sector. Sure, you could tackle coffee sustainability by yourself, but there is a collective action already working on it, why wouldn’t join it?

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      Sustainability Coffee Platform launches in Honduras

      Different coffee stakeholders are now aligned under a basic principle: Coffee Sustainability

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