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Uganda in 2020

Knowledge sharing, lobbying and networking

The Uganda Coffee Platform’s main objective is to foster dialogue among all coffee stakeholders, thereby catalyzing the creation of a modern, sustainable and thriving coffee sector, that provides a fair income to all actors in the coffee value chain, and a quality product to its client base. The priority areas for 2020 are: 

To remain visible and relevant to the platform members and the coffee sector at large by sharing information and best practices. 

Lobbying for, and dissemination and promotion of, the National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) as a tool to drive the adoption of sustainability practices and showcase Uganda as a sustainable coffee origin. 


“We are looking forward to the process of embedding a facet of innovate communication that will effect behavioural change to the smallholder farmers through the  National Sustainability Curriculum.”

- Samson Emong, Country Coordinator - Uganda

2020 Forecast for Uganda

  • Finalisation, dissemination and assessment of the National Sustainability Curriculum 
  • 1 Annual stakeholders’ meeting to be held
  • 3 key areas of discussion with government to continue
  • Country-wide training, printing and dissemination of National Sustainability Curriculum
  • 30 Agricultural officers to be trained
  • 180 Community-based facilitators to be trained in six districts